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Collabrative Parenting


Collaborative Course for separated or Divorced Parents . A collaborative model for parenting after separation and divorce requires communication between parents that many would prefer to avoid. It is undeniably more difficult to make decisions together than alone. However, despite a parents desire to avoid interaction, the simple truth is that you and your children will benefit immeasurably from the cooperation and participation of both parents.


This course is  a two day weekend workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP FOR PARENTING

Collaborating is good! It works better with older children and requires patient parents.

No mom or dad enjoys feeling like a drill sergeant (Sit down at the table! Clothes in the hamper! Get in the car NOW.)

Collaborating offers everyone a more nurturing break from all that bossy business. It restores for kids a sense of control over their own lives.

Desirable behavior naturally follows. But Collaborative Parenting does not mean a free-for-all. Rather its about offering choices within boundaries.

It means respecting kids rather than dominating them, while still moving them toward a necessary goal.

Two Day Workshop Also for anyone who may be preparing to become parents ( pre-parenting )

November 2020 

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