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A collaborative model for parenting after separation and divorce requires communication between parents that many would prefer to avoid.  It is undeniably more difficult to make decisions together than alone.  However, despite a parent’s desire to avoid interaction, the simple truth is that you and your children will benefit immeasurably from the cooperation and participation of both parents.

This course is available Spring 2020 as a two day weekend workshop or four evenings . 

New courses and workshops for 2019 /2020 keep checking in for more information ! 


Ecotherapy is more than a walk in the woods or watching a beautiful sunset. It’s an emerging form of treatment that can help with healing depression. It aims at restoring the connection to the natural world that is usually limited to high-speed glimpses of windshield scenery.

NBTS is a project-based and goal-oriented approach to traditional mental health therapy, taking therapy out of the confines of an office and into the natural world. It combines being with nature and doing service within the context of mental health therapy.  

This course is for 3 Months one day a week including residential weekend .  Spring Summer 2020 

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A Level Psychology 

Psychologists seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of phenomena linked to those emergent properties. As a social science it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

If you have are interested in human behaviour and interaction and  want to learn more about the science of Psychology then you need to sign up for the  this course.   September 2020 Evening Class Sidmouth . 


Art therapy is provided in groups or individually, depending on clients' needs. It is not a recreational activity or an art lesson, although the sessions can be enjoyable. Clients do not need to have any previous experience or expertise in art.

Useful Course for anyone working in residential setting or support work . Also for anyone working with children and young adults in the community .  Course is six weeks one day a week Summer 2020